Electrozombies + Wilt

Electrozombies + Wilt

Konzert | Crust, Grind Core

Shock! Horror! Latin America quakes with the old-skool power of blackened crust. Chile’s infernally brilliant ELECTROZOMBIES are absolutely stunning – think of crust titans DOOM with a shit stain of sludge and a toxic pinch of old fashioned death/black metal. Insanely good. Scowling Crustafarian death dwarf Comegato’s guttural throat rasping and savage buzzsawing guitar are pure sodding class, and the punkishly emaciated Zamorano sisters lay down a veritable blitzkrieg of cement mixing bass and drums. It’s wild man, it’s like the world has gone totally fucking post-modern – a three piece punk crust troupe from a big bad city on the edge of the Andes playing like they want to lay planet earth into ashes.

Don’t miss this shit!

Auf die Ohren: https://electrozombies.bandcamp.com

WILT combine old school metal and crust in a perfect hybrid that very few others have ever achieved. Prepare for a show thats equal parts galloping d-beat crust reminiscent of bands like HELLSHOCK, and INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, meets old school death metal in the vein of BOLT THROWER, MEMORIAM (old) SEPULTURA.


Eintritt: € 6,00 | € 4,00 (für Mitglieder)

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