Overthrust (Ghanzi / Botswana) + Congreed + Assorted Nails

Overthrust (Ghanzi / Botswana) + Congreed + Assorted Nails

Konzert | Thrash-/Deathmetal

OVERTHRUST (Ghanzi / Botswana)


OVERTHRUST is a death metal group all the way from Botswana. If you like death metal raw and true to the sound of the nineties, you should certainly check out these guys debut record “Desecrated Deeds To Decease” which they published by their own in 2015. The band currently consists of five musicians all of whom are an integral part of the Botswana metal scene. Once a year they organize their own “Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest” in Ghanzi, where they were founded in 2008. They donate all the money for charity. Being in a metal band, means to OVERTHRUST to live Rock’n’Roll yet be responsible for social surroundings.

The Botswana metal scene distinguishes itself by a special love for costumes and leather attires, so they could already attract some media interest from CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Sat 1 and Deutschlandfunk. Yet most of the band stick to playing brutal old-school death metal. Currently they are recording for an EP which will be released before they head again to Europe.

They played several times in South Africa over the years and are going to play more shows in African countries this year as well. They also have scheduled shows for Angola and Kenya. Yet in 2016 they entered European territories by being invited for a cultural project at Kampnagel, Hamburg. Alongside playing in Zürich and Karlsruhe, they raised some attention at the Wacken Festival where they entered the Wasteland Stage. It is still uncommon to see African metal bands playing around here, but let’s work hard on changing people’s mind. Metal has always been too global to be restricted to few spots only. Let’s join the extreme metal madness!



CONGREED (Freiburg / Germany)
A mix of D-Beat/Crustpunk with a dash of Grind and Thrash-/Deathmetal, musically, a mix of political and personal stuff, lyrically, they are mostly covering the dark sides of life but always providing their antifascist, antiracist and emancipatory views.

The roots of CONGREED are going back to ‘Hellborn Messiah’, the band that ceased to exist after the early death of their singer Daniel in 2011. Following that dramatic experience, they decided to go on with the band, changed the name, wrote completely new songs and started sharing the vocals.

Hellborn Messiah was releasing split-records with Electrozombies from Santiago de Chile and with PostWarDepression from Karlsruhe/ Germany.

In 2015 CONGREED launched their first output, full length 12″ named ‚godcifer‘.

Since 2012 they were touring Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Besides of CONGREED their members were/are playing in bands such as Hellborn Messiah, Zuschanden, Smegma Brothers, Cockroach Planet, Thought Assault, Natrat…


Assorted Nails from Freiburg germinated in 2001, heralding the second wave of death metal. Established as untrue fossils of their genre, the Nails‘ style consists of diversified death metal ‚with a twist‘ and a deservedly idolized super-nail. Charismatic and ever hungry for saviours, the Assorted Nails will bang the nail…right onto your head! less


Eintritt: € 10,00 | € 8,00 (für Mitglieder)

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