Ritual Howls + ÜberraschungsFrühGig + After-Show DJ

Ritual Howls + ÜberraschungsFrühGig + After-Show DJ

Konzert | Industrial Rock, Country-Goth, Synth Wave

Ritual Howls

The trio consists of Detroit’s Paul Bancell (vocals/guitars), Ben Saginaw (bass) and Chris Samuels (Synths, Samples, Drum Machines). They collect samples of the physical world and feed them with guitar, vox, bass, synth and drum machines to create an aura of darkness over a pop sensibility. Paul Bancell provides lyrics that Poe or Lovecraft would approve of while Chris Samuels and Ben Saginaw sculpt sounds that bring his macabre tales lurching into the world of the living.

They will present their album „Into The Water“ and their very new 2017 EP „Their Body“. 


Weitere Infos:


Um 20:30 Uhr beginnt ein kurzer ÜberraschungsAct.
Pünktlicher Beginn!

Lazy Tuesday Minimal-Floor. Wave. Minimal. Wave. Minimal.
[dj bleakphil, Slow Club]



Eintritt: € 8,00 | € 6,00 (für Mitglieder)

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