Fruit Tones + Aftershow

Fruit Tones + Aftershow

Konzert | Rock'n'Roll, Garage, Tropical & Hot

Fruit Tones is a rock and roll band from Manchester. Nothing artificial – this is the real deal. Real music played by real people for real reasons. No budget. No gimmicks. No nothing. They’ve been busting out the zoo and freewheelin’ across the globe for a few years now, spooning out ripe & ready raunch for the modern listener.

The live show is a force of nature – these fruits can play! We’re talking one steam-rolling-mondo-garage thud here folks! Stomping drums, chooglin’ guitars, the vocals bite – they’re the kind of guys The Shangri-La’s sing about – true professional amateurs!

Following various 45’s and cassettes on underground staples Greenway, Stolen Body and Fuzzkill Records comes their mouth-watering debut full plate – ‘Natural Selection’-dropping 3rd May 2019 on Greenway Records. Recorded over three freezing cold December days in an old Manchester cotton mill by Samuel Stacpoole (Holiday Ghosts/The Black Tambourines), it’s all here – the sass of The Dolls, the fizz of Four Loco, the Stones-esque looseness, juiced into 14 tracks knocked out in just over 30 minutes. You’ll find nolies in there – the rough and ready, impromptu nature of their work serves to let out a raw, natural feeling rather than strive for technical accuracy or sonic perfection. True rock & roll takes the mundane and turns it into something exotic, this is what Fruit Tones do well – they don’t pretend you’ve never heard rock & roll music before – they remind you why you need it in your life.

Weitere Infos:

DJ Jamie (Sixties, Garage, Rhythm&Blues)

Eintritt: € 11 | € 9 (für Mitglieder)

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