Malthusian + Suffering Hour

Malthusian + Suffering Hour

Konzert | Black, metal, Death, Doom

Deaths and Ascension Across Europe – MALTHUSIAN + Suffering Hour
Im September sagt der Sommer zu uns so langsam „auf Wiedersehen“ und wir im Club ein freudiges „Komm nur!“ zum herannahendem Winter. Und damit er’s auch schon hört, gibt’s zweimal eiskalten und grabdunklen Death Metal im Club. Tief aus dem Death Metal Underground direkt auf unserer Bühne:

Malthusian is a Dublin based Death Metal outfit who have quite literally exploded onto the local Underground Scene. Not surprising really considering that all of the bands members have been and are currently in some of the countries best metal acts. MOURNING BELOVETH, DECAYOR, WRECK OF THE HESPERUS, ABADDON INCARNATE, SODB, ALTAR OF PLAGUES, ON PAIN OF DEATH… and more!

They’re a pretty sinister sounding band. Even though their delivery can be quite manic and relentless there is eerie bleakness to their tracks. Multi-faceted and layered vocals from each member, while not varying in style, are utilised to add to the overall chaos.

Suffering Hour (us)
Suffering Hour is a Black/Death metal band from MN. Formed as a thrash metal band in 2010 under a previous moniker, the trio steadily began delving into the darker depths of black metal and death metal. 2017 saw the release of their debut full length „In Passing Ascension“ on Blood Harvest records to high critical acclaim. Quickly gaining recognition from the album and its unique and excellently crafted songwriting, Suffering Hour starting playing a handful of scattered live shows in the US in 2018, opening for a slew of heavy hitters and most notably: Covenant Fest in Montreal and Maryland Deathfest. Suffering Hour will be releasing a new EP on Blood Harvest in 2019 and continuing their live expeditions far and wide.


Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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