Abgesagt: Mannveira + Gleichmacher

Abgesagt: Mannveira + Gleichmacher

Konzert | black metal

Das Konzert muss leider ausfallen.


Slow Club and Absurde Rituale proudly present: Mannveira und Gleichmacher

The Upheaval of cosmic hatred and insidious blackness. Islands notorious pack of doom ridden entities Mannveira teaming up with German death conniver Gleichmacher for a Tour of Plague wielding revenge on everyone.

Mannveira (Iceland) – Dark Decent Records
Spawned in 2010, Mannveira belongs to the circle of those who ignited the freezing flame of Icelandic Black Metal. And lift it up to its unique significance. In line with acts like Wormlust, Slidhr, or Svartidaudi.
Mannveira is formed by a circle of musicians from bands such as Nadra, Andavald, Örmagna, Naught and Almyrkvi. The past decade they created their own elusive path in between that unique cold and malicious Icelandic soundscape. With a focus on a thicker and somewhat hidebound sound. A merit of their music is the approach on their use of different genre styles. Mannveira
combines the heaviness of Doom with a Punkish and aggressive Black Metal attitude. That leads into a progressive, smothering and unctuous form of Black Metal. That independent peculiarity
pushed them to the spheres their in right now. Being called the “next big band from Reykjavik” and a “project which seems to have the future or a subterranean hell in front of them”. As a result they teamed up with the infamous Wormlust to tour Europe in 2016, played Eistnaflug festival, Ascension Festival and dozens of single shows.


Gleichmacher (Germany) – Independent
Formed 2013 as a duo in the very east of Germany. After a few line up changes as well as a Name change from I AM to GLEICHMACHER in 2021. This 4-Pack aims at nothing but dirt, death and violence fraped in evil and harmonic soundscapes. They implement a mix of raw darkness and well integrated harmonic guitars and bass lines. They will perform their, in Feb 13 th released, Record „Kränkung Fall Verderben“ on this tour.


Einlass: 20 Uhr
Beginn: 21 Uhr
Eintritt: Minimum 13 € / 11 € für Clubmitglieder
Bier: 2,50 Euro



Infos zu VVK und ggf. Reservierungen folgen bald!

Die Veranstaltung findet unter den geltenden Corona-Maßnahmen statt.

Eintritt: € 13 | € 11 (für Mitglieder)

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