The Midnight Ghost Train

The Midnight Ghost Train

 midnight ghost train“blends gospel hymns of the sermon, down tuned rock and roll riffs of southern rock, and dark delta blues”

With a name inspired by an old Hank Williams lyric, THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN (aka TMGT) transcends geography, generation, and genre. They deliver a live show that hits with adamantine force.
Tom Waits-like vocals, gloriously fuzzy tone and unbridled, wailing guitar solos combine to convey an entirely new form of musical power and intensity. With literally thousands of live shows under their collective belt, the band has developed a strong reputation for blowing the doors off of every venue in which they perform, leaving a whole new contingent of music fans awestruck and hungry for more
with each and every show.

THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN isn’t just a band you hear, it’s something you feel deep down. Its pulse affects you. Their 2012 release BUFFALO (via Karate Body Records), has met to shining critical acclaim in the time since its release; hailed for its soul, energy and thick Mississippi Delta-rooted Rock ‘N’ Roll, BUFFALO was rated the “greatest stoner rock record of 2012”- Heavy Planet Magazine. Dark, heavy blues is as much an influence on TMGT’s sound as rock/metal, but it’s also seriously head bang-able with loads of densely-packed fury riffage, heavy/quiet tradeoffs and memorable hooks. With a constant, non-stop touring schedule, and a new record currently in the works set for a late 2014 release, THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN will always deliver the massive sound and fury that is their own unique brand of Rock ‘N’ Roll.




Eintritt: € 8 | € 6 (für Mitglieder)

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