S Y Z Y G Y X + Palais Ideal

S Y Z Y G Y X + Palais Ideal

Konzert | Electro, Dance, New Wave, Post-Punk

S Y Z Y G Y X (from Washington D.C. metro area) are Luna Blanc and Josh Clark – who have a passion for dark electronic music. Danceable and intense. Josh has an background in electronic music and Audio Engineering, formerly known as DJ Impulse, he used to make music with Sinthetix/Corrupt Souls in the Drum N Bass genre. Luna has always experimented with keyboards from a young age, but pursued photography, writing and film in College.
To keep it interesting, they’re always taking turns on everything in their sound: vocals, arps, riffs, bass, drums, pads, the production/engineering of the different aspects of their sound.
There is nothing in the process of making music that one does more than the other.


Palais Ideal are Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) and John Edwards (vocals, guitars, synths, programming). Songs between post-punk and new wave.
They use vintage synths, guitars and equipment to create an authentic early 80s sound, inspired by works by The Cure, New Order, The Sound, Magazine, Ultravox and the Sisters of Mercy.

Enjoy a drink at the bar after both concerts and listen to some Wave tracks.


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