Slow Club Salon Riot #9 w/ Konzert I Kunst I Party: ENTFÄLLT!

Slow Club Salon Riot #9 w/ Konzert I Kunst I Party: ENTFÄLLT!

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Slow Club Freiburg präsentiert:

Salon Riot No. o9 

x Las Kellies
x Just Friends and Lovers
x Escape/Escape
x Jimmy Cirkeline Søhus aka The Ugly Cat Collection
x Aftershow tba

Las Kellies
II Post Punk Grrrl Group aus Argentinien II

Sucking you in, Las Kellies takes us straight back to the party reminding us of what we’ve been missing with their libidinous mix of garage, punk and dub.

Thrashing it out on the dancefloor, their new album ‘Suck This Tangerine’ deals with the difficulties of a society in never ending crisis (‘Funny Money’) to the highs and lows in relationships (‘He’s Who’, ‘Let You Go’) and there’s a guest appearance from ex-Kellie Julia Worley on ‘Close Talker’.
Recorded at home in Buenos Aires, the chemistry of the duo’s formative years remains as does their febrile new wave post-punk sound soaked in fiery dance beats and dub-pop.
Their first release since 2016’s ‘Friends & Lovers’ was “impressively varied” (The Vinyl District) whilst “seamlessly melding psych/fuzz pop, post-punk attitude and dance beats” (Louder Than War).

Las Kellies started in 2005 when three girls met at a gig in Buenos Aires, decided to have a band together and borrowed their friend’s amps and instruments.
Las Kellies are Cecilia Kelly (bass, guitars, vocals) and Silvina Costa (drums, percussion and vocals).

Just Friends and Lovers
II No Wave Post Punk Rrriot aus Wien II

With their second full length work »Her Most Criminal Crimes« this Vienna-based threesome once again displays that – despite the bandwidth and diversity of their songs – their formula is pretty consistent throughout: Actively pushing and pulling between pop sensibilities and punk attitude since 2011, JFAL are a dab hand at not only the swap of instruments, but first and foremost at timbering strong melodies, viral in their catchiness, zested with provocative and wistful lyrics – oozing out as opalescent tales of passion, murder, visions and friendship. This palpable and tuneful combination of joyful urge & pensive melancholy, of humor & annoyance pictures their really open attitude towards music and their strong belief in people’s power. All this, blissfully consolidated by the band’s visual mise-en-scène (© Sarah Sternath), paying tribute to Valie Export’s revolutionary „Action Pants“. Oh Those Pants! … Power Pants!

Meeting in the middle of the oblique and the real, »Her Most Criminal Crimes« can evoke smiles or shivers, depending on your state of mind, and – with it’s preference for resourceful originality over standard technique – this album sparkles like the charming chance-child of jangle-pop simplicity and post-punk disorder.

„Just Friends and Lovers follow a (…) post punk style that doesn’t go for beats per minute, instead they produce songs that must be savored like licks of a lollipop. (…) their songs are lazy streams flowing to happy places. Roughly hewn, unpolished, but irresistible!“ – Fred Roberts,

J.F.A.L. are Veronika Adamski (drums, vocs, bass, synth), Lina Gärtner (guit, bass, drums, vocs), Magdalena Gasser (vocs, bass, drums, guit).

II #0711 Stuttgart based Dirty Punk II

Rhythmus und Melodie. Das alles schmutzig vorgetragen, dirty eben.
Ein dreiköpfiges Bandprojekt das punkigen schwarz/weiß-Stil und rauen melodischen Grunge verbindet.
Ein Konglomerat aus drei Musiker*innen, die bereits bei Bands wie Ursus, Die Damen und Herren des Orchesters und City Of Cars gespielt haben. #0711 Dirty Punk at its finest.

Escape/Escape sind Eric Jay Jones (Voice & Guitar),
Jessica Antifa (Bass & Backings), Dr. Energy (Drums & Backings)

w/ TBA

von Jimmy Cirkeline Søhus aka The Ugly Cat Collection
(kostenfrei zu allen Veranstaltungen im oberen Foyer – Finissage tba)

„Hello dear Stranger!

People call me Cirkeline Søhus.

I was born in Denmark but moved a lot – right now I live in Southern Germany. I just want to share my photos, scribbles, paintings, clothes and everyday trash…


Jimmy Cirkeline Søhus aka The Ugly Cat Collection:
llustration – StreetArt – Fashion – Photography – Trash……..

Stay tuned for more and check here

+ Fotodokumentation MINZ&KUNST PHOTOGRAPHY & Sévérine Kpoti photographie  
+ Grafik von Gwendolyn
+ Fette Farbschicht – Feministisches ColorierKollektiv
+ Zines in der Verlosung von Okapi Riot Zine / @Vinyl Dyke Zine / @de.construct / Femtrail and more


Only a couple of months ago our beloved Slow Club Freiburg member Micha passed away. Besides everything he did for Slow Club as an active member he also always mixed us very special drinks for the Salon Riot series since the first one happened two years ago in 2018.
In memory of Micha our member Maria mixed his famous ingwer schnaps out of Micha´s recipe.
We will offer you this special drink only at Salon Riot as the ´REBEL BOY´ and will donate the gain to an organization Micha would´ve appreciated.

// Salon Riot is a feminist cultural event series that is part of and takes place at Slow Club Freiburg since 2018.
// Salon Riot wants to put its main focus on female* arts´n´culture to support mainly female* Bands, DJanes* and Artists*.
// Salon Riot shall be a place for networking outside the heteronormative mainstream in night life and culture.
// Salon Riot celebrates Ladypower and the ideas of the 90´s Riot Grrrl Movement for more equality and a better representation of women* in culture.
// Salon Riot is an open event for all gender and wants to create a night life outside any gender roles´n´codes and as a safe space party for everybody.

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