Soviet Soviet & Yabancı + DJ Tobi Cool

Soviet Soviet & Yabancı + DJ Tobi Cool

Soviet Soviet


soviet soviet 2After touring with P.I.L. and Place To Bury Strangers and successful tour in the States and in Russia SOVIET SOVIET are ready to tour Europe presenting the album FATE

Post-punk leaning trio Soviet Soviet were born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Pesaro, Italy by Alessandro Costantini (vocalist/guitarist), Andrea Giometti (lead vocalist/bassist) and Alessandro Ferri (drums). In 2009, they gained notoriety with a handful of self-released singles and incessant touring. The trio followed up with the Summer, Jesus EP in 2011, growing their reputation for immediate and tightly wound live performances. For the past year, the trio have converted that immediacy from the stage into a proper studio, honing and fine-tuning the production on their debut album, Fate. Felte released the album November 11, 2013.

Fate continues the path of past releases, but with a tighter ferocity and sense of confidence in their unique sound within the post-punk genre. The guitar has more bite, the bass glows with a deeper tone and the drums are as steady and punchy as ever. Standout single „1990“ is a great example of to-the-point, sharp guitar riffs and heavy, propelling bass. The rhythms immediately gets stuck in your head while Andrea’s vocals oftentimes channel Gary Numan but sped up with an Italian, icelike accent. „No Lesson“ is driven by compact drums, never missing a beat while bass and guitar lines intertwine with frenetic energy. The track includes a rare introspective moment in the middle of the track, shsoviet sovietaring a newfound step in the band’s songwriting not recently heard, before exploding back into ferocity.

While post-punk is the easy descriptor, Soviet Soviet’s lens of the genre is much wider, grabbing from coldwave, art punk and more, figuring out a way to make something fresh.



Alternative / Gothic

YabanciYabanci (foreigners – coming from Outside) is an Alternative Rock band born in Sept 2011. In eight months write and arrange a core of 15 songs playing across Italy and Switzerland. In June 2012 SwissDarkNights Label prints a limited edition live bootleg recorded in April. „Birth“ debut EP  has been released in Feb 2013, „Grimorium“ debut full-lenght released Feb 28th 2014.

Through the voice of Prophet Maiden, Yabanci songs speak about natural philosophy, alchemy, religion, fading issues human kind is leaving behind.
Yabanci are LadyGhost and Valerio from original lineup, working with new musicians to new Ep Re-Birth.




And after the concerts DJ Tobi Cool will be laying down the discs.






Eintritt: € 9 | € 7 (für Mitglieder)

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