Acid Western / Psychedelic rock

spindriftSPINDRIFT is a psychedelic western influenced cinematic rock band created by singer-songwriter-composer-producer-actor Kirpatrick Thomas. Founded in 1992, the band originated in Newark, Delaware along with such other local bands of the period including Jake and the Stiffs, The Verge, Boy Sets Fire, Zen Guerilla and Smashing Orange.

Heavily influenced by such bands as The Doors, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Bruce Haack, and Chrome, Spindrift’s early stages were heavier, experimental, and differed greatly from their present Ennio Morricone inspired sound. However, the bands unique, ideal, creative  DIY style, and knack for a hard working tour ethic has always remained. Throughout the 90′s, the group performed mostly in and around the East Coast (CBGB’s, Star Bar Atlanta, The Stone Balloon(DE), Khyber Pass(Philly), Mercury Lounge NYC) while evolving their sound to have a more 60′s psychedelic garage/punk space-rock style influence.

As guitar player Chris Andrews and drummer Paul Budd left the band to start SUNFLY, other members joined the ranks. Original bass player Pete Van Kowenburg and keyboard player Jay Caddle would remain involved throughout later years as the band still continued to do reunion shows showcasing earlier material. Kirpatrick and drummer Z. Miles Hansen were known in local circles for inventing the “Hansen Guitar Mic”, essentially a cheap microphone routed and wired into his guitar with an on/off switch.

Earlier 90′s albums by SPINDRIFT include the heavier but catchy debut Strange Range(1996), the Hawkwind influenced We Come From the United States(1999), and the space-punk upbeat sound of 10 Million Asians Can’t Be Wrong! (2000).








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