Drone / Dark Folk / Psychedelic

wvlsrpntBoise, Idaho duo Wolvserpent formed in 2009. Wolvserpent plays a masterful mix of apocalyptic doom, dark folk, avant-orchestral drone and blackened, sepulchral ambience. Creating beautifully bleak visuals of other worlds, times and spaces. Some that are vibrant and full and some that have long turned to dust and been drained of life.

2010 saw the release of their debut full-length, Blood Seed, which was met with immense critical acclaim and quickly sold out of its limited edition pressings. In 2012 the band signed to renowned indie label Relapse Records and recorded their sophomore full-length entitled Perigaea Antahkarana , a four song 80 minute opus, with producer/engineer Mell Dettmer in Seattle. Released September 17 2013. Perigaea Antahkarana is Wolvserpent’s most haunting and diverse material to date. The pair’s sprawling compositions gracefully wend their way through the valleys of death, drone, black metal, doom, and chamber music and arrive triumphantly on foreign shores.

Borne of its creators’ 20+ years of classical training and deep appreciation for the works of composers like Arvo Part, Gyorgy Ligeti, and Krzysztof Penderecki, Wolvserpent’s vision combines stringed amplified instruments with a 21st century approach to composition to create works that are dark, emotional, menacing, cinematic, atmospheric, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Of Perigaea Antahkarana Pitchfork warned listeners, “even when Wolvserpent sounds plainly pretty, a hint of danger lurks steadfast in the background, foreshadowing the tumult that inevitably arrives,” as Metal Injection remarked “Perigaea Antahkarana is an album that is monumentally huge. Monolithic riffs meeting sprawling post-rock black metal, with elements of drone create such an album that is large in length and in scope.” Cvlt Nation also intoned, “Perigaea Antahkarana flows from deeply felt and atmospheric sounds of nature – crows cawing and a fire crackling – laid over a melancholic and rich string sound (Brittany McConnell) that weaves itself around the increasingly claustrophobic noises and a subtle howling wind.



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