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Konzert | Synth Wave, Griefwave, New Romantic

SRSQ (pronounced seer-skew) is the moniker of singer, musician, and elemental force Kennedy Ashlyn. From foundational years as co-founder of visionary shoegaze duo Them Are Us Too (alongside the late, lamented Cash Askew) through her growing body of solo work on Dais Records, she has steadily honed her multi-octave range and moodswing songcraft into an increasingly potent poetic voice. 2019’s celebrated debut, Unreality, showcased a deepening gift for melodic dynamics and emotive exorcism – a mode she half-seriously coined “griefwave.” The album’s passionate response prompted extensive live dates, further sharpening her natural performative instincts.

2022’s Ever Crashing further confirms Kennedy as an essential generational talent, able to synthesize private struggles and sorrows into stirring, redemptive anthems. Hers is a music of tumult and triumph, darkest night breaking into brightest dawn, where anguish blurs and becomes acceptance. SRSQ’s seeds have only just begun to bloom; looming tours, videos, and more will inevitably hasten an already radiant refinement.


West coast new romantic icon RIKI returns with her 2nd simulacrum of pitch-perfect synth-pop, aptly titled for the precious substance it is: Gold. Inspired by notions of symbolic power, letting go, and transmutable realms of the heart, the album further refines her rare gift for making swooning melancholia as anthemic as it atmospheric. Working with Telefon Tel Aviv co-founder Josh Eustis at his Pasadena studio, the sessions unfolded fluidly and fruitfully, focusing on “quieter moments” and refining the record’s palette and voice. Occasional interruption from a nearby flock of wild parrots infused a mood of California dreaming, purple sunsets dissolving into deepening neon night.


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